@TheReady Social Business software

For your employees

Connect employees to improve abilities, engagement, motivation & effectiveness. Foster success by identifying critical issues and address them with speed.

For your customers

Understand emerging issues by listening and analyzing your customer feedback. Respond faster by finding the right information and experts required to address issues as they emerge. Faster product and service innovation by breaking down silos and collaborating beyond borders.

In sales and marketing

Target effectively by connecting clients with the right experts and information to meet clients’ needs. Engage clients in dynamic, personalized experiences to keep them coming back.

Social Business works

more profit per employee

McKinsey & Co.

year-on-year sales increase in new business

VCC Case Study

reduction in customer defection

Bain & Co.

average increase in profits

Bain & Co.

Why are companies moving towards Social Business platforms?



show that people want to interact with a live person. A person that understands the question, can help, advice, gives guidance, etc.

Chat, messaging

and video conferencing continue to gain popularity. This way of communication and interaction has found its use within business, between professionals. It is direct, easy to use, and efficient (time and cost).

Skype for Business

is a huge success and will continue to grow, a perfect fit for @TheReady. More and more business will embrace this platform.


is unlocking the collective knowledge of people. It’s about connecting people, that have questions and are looking for immediate answers, directly to people online, that have those answers.


can be used within companies, in the form of professionals looking for unknown colleagues with the desired skills working in the same large corporation. The concept can easily be extended to the outside world to communicate with other companies or (potential) clients.


will enrich Skype for Business with unique additional features, profiling individual skills and facilitating smart search functionality, to connect people and experts who are At The Ready.

People want answers – quickly, trustworthy. We live in a real time world. People don’t do business with companies. People do business with people. People with answers, ideas, a particular skill set, a talent, a real passion.

@TheReady is a Social Business platform routing and connecting people, based on skill sets, passion and their online availability creating a collaborative ecosystem.


Meet our team

Andre Wienen
Andre Wienen
Everything software
Leo Bork
Leo Bork
Everything software
@TheReady according to

Andre Wienen

“Being closely connected to your business relations, just like being @TheReady for your family and friends in personal life!”

@TheReady according to

Dennis Steen

“A chinese verb says: a single conversation with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books. @TheReady will spark a collaborative ecosystem where people will give and receive.”

@TheReady according to

Leo Bork

“Connecting to people with passion, people with energy, people who like to sport, exercise and workout & love being @TheReady.”


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